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Keurig Green Mountain launches Keurig Kold in Canada

Keurig Green Mountain

Beverage system maker Keurig Green Mountain is launching Keurig Kold brewing system in Canada at a reduced price.

The carbonation machine which is designed for home use is being made available in Canada at CAD399.99 ($299), whereas the machine costs $370 in the US. After encountering criticism that the machine is expensive, the company has decided to test different price models across different markets.

Initially, the machine will be available only online in Canada – through company’s Canadian website, Costco and Canadian Tire.

The bricks-and-mortar retailers will begin selling the machine from Spring 2016. The flavor pods will be sold for CAD5.49-5.99 per four-pack, reports

The machine being launched in Canada comes with certain differences from the one launched in September.

This version of Keurig Kold is heavier at 23.7 pounds, weighing almost equal to that of a small microwave, reports Huffington Post Canada.

Each K-cup makes eight ounces of beverage.

This variant of Keurig Kold is complex than its predecessor. This Kold machine is equipped with an “aerospace-inspired” contraption of thermoelectric conductors and a propeller that is small in size to draw water from a reservoir up into the machine and cool it to about four degrees Celsius, thereby making ice redundant, reports Huffington Post Canada.

The liquid is then fired into a larger version of the K-cup, which stores flavor syrup and a carbonated bead technology which gives fizz.

The new machine takes just 90 seconds to make a drink.

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