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Coffee enthusiasts convene at Haydarpaşa Railway Station


The historical Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which was built in 1909 in the district of Kadıköy on Istanbul’s Asian side as the northern terminus of the Baghdad Railway and the Hedjaz Railway, was home to the Istanbul Coffee Festival last week. Hosting professional baristas, coffeehouse owners, junior coffee professionals and those merely interested in drinking coffee for four days, coffee lovers in Istanbul had a splendid time drinking coffee, listening to music and participating in art and fashion events. While some participants listened to live sessions by jazz and acoustic bands, some coffee enthusiasts enjoyed interactive workshops, coffee-related exhibitions and outstanding shows from featured sponsors.

Standing out among other stalls with their modern coffee machines that stimulate the senses of coffee lovers with their fresh brews, Arzum Okka offered Istanbulites cups of coffee with Arzum’s brand-new coffee pad machine. Festival guests had a chance to taste traditional Turkish coffee with various flavors, from strawberry to cardamom. Honoring the traditional dessert ashura, the second edition of the Istanbul Coffee Festival, which aims to support the city’s diverse coffee culture, also offered Istanbulites a chance to taste cookies from well-known patisseries in Istanbul and sample foods that were meticulously prepared.

The Istanbul Coffee Festival once again proved it is the most magical place for the ultimate coffee experience.

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